Morris Minor Traveller, 1969 (Green)

Very nice and neat Morris Minor Traveler from 1969. This beautiful green Woody is the ultimate advertising object for, for example, a winery, bakery, florist, dog grooming salon, blacksmith, you name it. Everything that is somewhat artisanal fits this beautiful lady. This Woody has a Belgian historical registration and a valid technical inspection until 2025. The Woody is a neat driver’s car. The woodwork is very neat and in perfect condition. The paintwork is neat all around, the bonnet and front fenders have some blistering. If desired, we can have this sprayed for you at an additional cost. The interior is neat, in the original matching green colour. It is a nice 5 seater UK classic, if you fold the back seat flat then you have a gigantic station wagon. Great for an entrepreneur, or for a whole family with a dog.  Lot of thumbs up in this car. The engine has just been overhauled and is equipped with new crankshaft bearings, connecting rod bearings and new piston rings. The engine and gearbox are both in good condition. The car is equipped with a brake booster for extra safety, a huge improvement. An alternator has also been installed for the correct power supply.

Who will enjoy this very nice and rare Woody?


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