Millers Oils VSPe Power Plus

Aanbieding October

   Now for € 42.50, with larger decreases higher discounts

From Tuesday, October 1ste Euro 95 has been changed to E10.
E10 is a fuel with 10% ethanol, Euro 95 containing 10% ethanol.
If a vehicle is not suitable for E10 than refueling of these fuels may cause unnecesary damage.

Ethanol breaks down rapidly, thereby loses the fuel octane / cetane. This can lead to knock, ping, and poor start-up motor. Also affected ethanol rubber, think of gaskets, tubing and seals. In addition, ethanol provides for corrosion in the frequently steel tanks of the timers. It pollutes the tank and the fuel system with gromrestn, which results in clogged filers, fuel injectors and carburetors. The solution of Millers Oils have differt effects. For example, Miller´s EPS protects against corrosion of fuel and the seals. VSPE PowerPlus ethanol protects against corrosion, smashing the valve seats, prevents ignition (pinging), increases the octane rating, cleans the fuel system and injectors.

Hence we have this month our Ethanol Killer VSPe PowerPlus throw discounted.

A bottle VSPe PowerPlus accounts for 10 refueling.



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