MG RV8, 1995

Really beautiful MGRV8 1995 in Woodcote Green. The MG RV8 in the 90 developed by the Rover Special Products division. They wanted the looks of the famous old MGB in a new jacket, thereby chosen for the magical 3.9 Rover V8 to put something different on the market than the popular Mazda MX5 at the time. The Japanese market was very enthusiastic and so all RV8 were built for that market, RHD so.

The wellknown Rover V8 brings 190 horsepower to the road and has a torque of 318 NM, which provides great performance and a sprint to 100 in 5.9 seconds.
This MG RV8 is number 986 produced of only 2007. This car has had only two owners, the first owner had it for 20 years in his possession, his nephew thereafter. The RV8 features a new electric power steering which makes it a particularly fine car. Originally they were not equipped with power steering and that was a huge bummer. This RV8 is provided with a black mohair hood. The car has only 94,000 kilometres on the clock. The MG is in very good condition. The body and the Conolly leather interior is handcrafted by British Heritage and Abbey Panels. The wooden dashboard makes everything, English properly.
This magical V8 is truly a pleasure to drive, come convince yourself.


€ 24.950