Triumph Dolomite Sprint, 1977

Jihaaaa, incredible, what a beautiful cult car we have in the showroom now.  A while ago I bought this rare original Dutch Triumph Dolomite Sprint with overdrive with only 48,000 km on the clock. After some technical attention, it is completely ready for the new owner. This sprint has been the property of an enthusiast for years, who drove it far too little. Over the past 5 years, it has been taken care of by a Dutch, English Oldtimer specialist who bought it for himself. In addition, all brakes around have been renewed, so calipers , pads, pipes, main brake cylinder, booster. Everything is new. The carburettors and ignition have been overhauled. The engine is brought to perfect condition, the fuel pump, fuel lines and ignition coil have been renewed. The car is equipped with a new Powerlite high torque starter motor and finally was fitted with a completely new clutch, so pressure plate, clutch plate, release bearing, master cylinder, slave cylinder and top bearing. Rarely have I seen such an untouched car, the previous MOT date was 1979. So apparently it has only been on the road for 2 years. Under the car and in the wheel arches everything is, old original paint, untreated and soooo fair. Incredible and untouched. You rarely see that. The exterior has been partially repainted once. Is it a top restored Sprint, no, it’s not, but rarely have I seen such an original and untouched car. The engine roars like the 2 liter did in days gone by to outdo the Alfas and BMWs. It is designed for that. The engine is seen as the first production multi-valve technology car, the 16v that operated all valves with only 1 camshaft. Phenomenal engineering in the 70’s.The interior of this Dolly is as ex-factory, everything original. The overdrive gearbox shifts razor sharp. The acceleration time from 0-100 in 8.4 seconds was very fast and special in the old days. A true British working class sports saloon. Rarely 1 comes on the market, a good and rust-free copy is almost impossible to find. Stop looking. This is an incredibly hard and well-preserved original Dutch copy. The dashboard is in very good condition, all gauges work properly and the 5 original Sprint wheels have been restored. The original fabric upholstery is neat, as is the headlining. Everything in the trunk is neat and original, under the hood the party really starts. Who is he the first for this great brutal bloke ?


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