Triumph TR4, 1964

Truly beautiful 1964 Triumph TR4 in the color New White. This Triumph has a special past. He spent 30 years of his life in a museum in Rotterdam. This TR4 is therefore untouched, it has never been welded. From underneath, this car is still new as it left the factory. Because the paint was a bit weathered, the last owner had all the outside sheet metal completely repainted. It has become a stunning UK classic car. The technology is also completely up to date, the car drives and shifts perfectly. The 2.2 liter engine has an unprecedented torque at low revs. The brakes, engine, gearbox, suspension, everything has been taken care of the last 2 years. The sheet metal fittings of this car are phenomenal, so beautiful and sleek. The dashboard has brushed aluminum panels and glove box. The soft top is new and made of black vinyl. The interior is very neat, with perfectly fitting black vinyl seats. The chrome wire wheels complete this beauty. A beauty on the roads.


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