Wolseley 4/44, 1955

It doesn’t get more British than this. Beautiful Wolseley 4/44 from 1955. These beautiful saloons were made from 1953 to 1956. The car is completely as it came from the factory, super original. It is finished in Dark British Racing Green. The car was already equipped with full leather upholstery as standard. This car has beautiful original green leather upholstery with beautiful patina. The Wolseley has mounted the shift lever on the steering column, which allowed for a third seat in the front seat. The luxury surrounds you, a beautiful wooden dashboard, wooden door frames, lots of chrome and beautiful clocks in the dashboard with white dials. All buttons are also made in white. The trafficators, “expanding direction indicators” still work, a very nice feature. From the back it is also luxurious around you, a lot of wood,
The Wolseley has the 1250 CC XPAW engine, from the T-series, fitted with a single carburettor. The engine and gearbox are in excellent condition, it drives, brakes and shifts very smoothly. The sheet metal and the underside of the car are in very neat condition, especially considering its age of almost 70 years. The chrome work is in very neat condition, beautiful with the classic high grille. The original steel wheels with chrome hubcaps complete the Wolseley. This is a carefree, rust-free copy that will give you a lot of beautiful kilometers. Driving in here means a smile from ear to ear.

The English police readily made use of these saloons to catch the bad guys, so the Wolsely can be seen regularly in English 50s series and films. Which enthusiast will fall in love with this Wolsely?


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