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Traditionally, Loco Classics is the parts supplier of all British classic cars for you. We supply parts and accessories for the MG, Triumph, Austin Healy, Mini, Morris and Jaguar brands from our own stock. Besides, a complete assortment is available for the Morgan, Lotus, TVR, Wolsley, Riley and Land rover brands. You can order all your parts online and have them delivered at home, or you can pick them up, visiting our branch in Oirschot.

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Do you need any help in finding parts, do you want to consult us about repairs or restoration? Or do you simply have a question? Our door is always open. We strive to give everyone the personal attention required. You can ask us anything. We will gladly help you, in our cosy living room, enjoying a cup of coffee/tea with you.


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Aanbieding October

Millers Oils VSPe Power Plus

   Now for € 42.50, with larger decreases higher discounts From Tuesday, October 1ste Euro 95 has been changed to E10. E10 is a fuel with 10% ethanol, Euro 95 containing 10% ethanol. If a vehicle is not suitable for E10 than refueling of these fuels may cause unnecesary damage. Ethanol breaks down rapidly, thereby loses the fuel octane / cetane. This can lead to knock, ping, and poor start-up motor. Also affected ethanol rubber, think of gaskets, tubing and seals. In addition, ethanol provides for corrosion in the frequently steel tanks of the timers. It pollutes the tank and

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