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In-house is Rick van den Broek of RB Classiccare. You can turn to RB Classiccare for preventive maintenance, periodic inspection, repairs, revision and complete restoration of your British classic car. Details during the work are discussed with you immediately and clearly, so no misunderstandings will arise as to the costs. Our possibilities also include preparation for race or rally purposes (including transport from and to the circuit with servicing on site). In addition, we have the right equipment to balance your spoked wheels correctly!



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Collapsible steering box conversion Austin Healey

The original steeringbox of an Austin Healey is a long rigid axle. You can imagine what happens with that if you have an accident. We have developed a revolutionary product to improve safety, without changing the originality of your classic. We have fully remanufactured and collapsible steering boxes for your Austin Healey available from stock (based on the exchange of your old unit). All steeringboxes are completely overhauled and equipped with only new parts; new worm, peg, bearings, bearing seats, seals and gaskets. The steeringbox has been made collapsible with a sliding piece so that the original horn and turn

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