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Offer Juli

Brandnew Powerlite products

All brandnew superb Powerlite products. Alternator with multi mount front bracket (rotating,always fitting though)€199. Powerlite Lithium Ion battery PS 20 (€277)and PS 30(€313) (63 and 80 amps equivalent). Comes with laser cutted mounting bracket. Incredible small and powerfull. With built in voltage check. Powerlite universal heatshield. Multi purpose , and bendable. Great carb. Insulator. € 35. Powerlite gold heatshield 1 x 1.2 mtr. blanket €109 and heatshield (9mtr) tape € 55. Ultra heat resistant, deflects 80% of the radiant heat.! The best available . Powerlite starter motor heat sleeves. Silver at €47,Lava at €53 or Carbon at € 59. Perfect

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