MG TD, 1952 British Racing Green

Beautifully restored MG TD in British Racing Green. This is a restoration from about 10 years ago. The MG is very neatly done and so it is still a particularly neat car with beautiful paintwork. The paint job is really super tight. The British Racing green color looks tremendously good on this post-war MG. Especially in combination with the Tan colored interior. The interior is done in Tan vinyl , as factory supplied. The rug set is made of dark brown wool, a beautiful combination. Everything about this car works perfectly, the car starts at the first click. The 1250 CC XPAG engine runs beautifully quiet. Like the engine, the gearbox has been overhauled and is in very good condition. All meters, electrics, etc. work as they should. The chrome work is in particularly clean condition, like new. The original steel factory wheels are, in my experience, the most beautiful on a TD, beautiful simplicity with the chrome hubcaps. The soft top is done in Old English White vinyl , also the car has very neat sidescreens in the same color and a full tonneau cover. The car has a Belgian historical registration and a valid inspection until 2025, so ideal for our Belgian customers. In Belgium the rules are strict, stricter than in NL. So with the greatest of ease, this car can also be registered in the Netherlands. At a neat rate we can arrange transportation for you if required.

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