MG TD Project, 1952

Picked up today a great MG TD project. This MG had a great restauration start, who will finish this nice one?

The bodytub , so the wood with all panels surrounding are all done very, very proper. The floor panels are allready new. ( old panels and timber also come with the car). The front suspension is allready refurbished, just as the rear axle. The car has new leaf springs fitted, and the rears suspension is refurbished. The radiator is reconditioned, valve cover and engine side cover are allready rechromed. The Car has a new stainless steel exhaust, new brakeshoes, new cylinders. The car is on fully recon original factory steel wheels , also the spare one. All 5 recon wheels are fitted with brandnew tyres. A new dashboard is allready fitted, all gauges come fully refurbished with the car. Loads and loads of parts come with the car, complete though. Anyway, what a great project, loads of money and effort is allready put in this great MG. An easy  finish for the handyman. Car has a US title, the chassis is already labeled by the Dutch RDW, so a licence is assured.

Who’s the first to get this one on the road again ?


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