MGB, 1979 (Limited Edition)

Very nice MGB limited edition in Citron Yellow. This lovely light yellow MG is in nice overall condition. Offcourse, it’s an oldtimer with some imperfections due to its age. The bodywork is very hard and solid, fully rustfree. The paintwork is very nice and fresh, yep some minor spots might be found but it’s a very proper daily driver. The technisch of this LE are in great condition. The engine is good and well maintained, same as the perfect shifting gearbox. The car just had maintenance in our workshop. The interior is equiped in black vinyl an very neat. The softtop is matching black vinyl also. An almost new, black carpetset makes the interior tidy. The car has wire wheels fitted for the correct classic look. All gauges work like new ones. Just fill it up with petrol and enjoy the autumn , and coming summer.


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