Morris 1300 GT, 1972

Very rare original Dutch Morris 1300 GT from 1972, delivered by GEM The Hague. This Morris GT is the most sporty version of the ADO16 designed by Alec Issigonis and Pininfarina. This Morris is in unbelievably good, rock-hard and original condition. The GT was equipped with the sporty 1275 CC A engine with double SU carburettors, had a special interior with perforated seats, had a sportier dashboard than standard, had a vinyl-covered roof, had a lowered ride height, simply due to the hydrolastic suspension on less pressure, had sporty stripes on the sides, special hubcaps, and of course a new sport grille and the necessary GT badges. All in all, everything to compete with the sporty and sought-after models from Opel, Ford, NSU and Renault. What a joy to steer in this 70 HP strong Morris. The hydrolastic suspension helps you float over the road surface. This rarity is in very good condition, so get in and drive. It is equipped in the color Flame Red, 1 of the 3 original colors. Everything is really as it was previously delivered by GEM, beautiful, including original Dutch registration and stamped original dealer delivery booklet. The car drives, shifts and brakes like it just left the factory in Cowley, phenomenal though.These GTs are a very rare catch these days. Just go and try to find one, certainly an original Dutch one, even in this condition, it’s almost impossible to find.

Which enthusiast will enjoy this beauty for years?

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