Triumph Spitfire MK3 Federal

A rare 1970 Triumph Spitfire MkIII “Federal” in signal Red. This is one of the last round tails produced , especially for the American market. These “Federal” Spits were equipped with features of the new MKIV already on the drawing board. So dashboard, seats,sidemarkers , etc are already used from the later MkIV. They were only produced for 1 year, so are very hard to find these days, extremely rare. This Spitfire was restored years ago , it is therefore still in very netwv condition. The paintwork is very clean, the technology is fine, the engine runs great and the transmission shifts fine, as it should. The car has the original steel wheels in Old English White, truly beautiful. The car comes with a black vinyl soft top and black vinyl hood cover. If you are looking for an early Spitfire and a rare late round tail, then this is your choice.

€ 12.900

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