Triumph TR2 Longdoor, 1954

Very rare Triumph TR2 Longdoor from 1954. This car has been professional rebuild completely from scratch about 10 years ago.

The body and panelwork is all done bij Toon Spitters Car restauration. Due to the high standard of the restauration back than the car still looks like new. The gaps are all great and the paintwork is awesome. The engine and gearbox were rebuild also during this restauration, after restauration it probably did only 15.000 km’s. The car is in great technical shape. It runs perfect,brakes good and shifts great. Just turn the key and enjoy this spring. The TR2 longdoor is a absolute rare beauty which is not often for sale. They are becoming a rarity and a collectors item. The car has a leather beige/tan interior, double duck hood, sidescreens, hoodcover and tonneaucover. The car is now equiped with the original factory steel wheels with chrome hubcaps and triumph enameled globe logo’s. For just €1000 extra we can convert this car to chrome wire wheels if wanted. The car has a wooden Moto Lita steering wheel fitted. Exportpapers stated in your name are always included in our prices. Who’s the first to get this nice priced beauty a new home ?

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