Triumph TR6 Supercharged, 1973

Beautiful 1973 Triumph TR6 with a very rare Moss supercharger in the great color French Blue. Of course we head off  with the great Moss supercharger that is mounted, it immediately turns this car into a great machine with 165 HP. What a phenomenal upgrade. The engine is very smooth and incredible fast. A look under the bonnet will certainly make a car enthusiast’s heart beat faster, absolutely. The rest of the technology is in perfect order, the gearbox shifts razor sharp, the brakes are like new. This TR6 has been restored in the past, this is documented with photos and invoices. The car is still in very good condition. The car is completely rust and dent free and the paintwork is really beautiful. The interior is in very good condition, the seats and panels are in black vinyl. The car has a full tonneau to close the cockpit. The soft top is also made of black vinyl. The wooden dashboard and the Moto Lita steering wheel complete everything. Who is the first for this great French blue TR6.

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