Triumph TR7, 1982. 5 Speed

Beautiful original Dutch delivered Triumph TR7 Coupé with fully opening Brittax sliding roof from 1982. This special wedge has been very neatly restored in the past and is still in beautiful condition. The car is technically and optically in very good condition. The sleek paintwork is very neat, without rust and imperfections. The wedges are now more and more appreciated by classic enthusiasts. What a line this car has,  with this car Triumph was way ahead of its time. Actually, the world was not ready for this body change at the time!  The “Bassie & Adriaan” folding lamps are unique for this time. This late TR7 is equipped with the 2 liter 4 cylinder engine coupled to a 5 speed gearbox. The engine and gearbox are in very good condition. The car is equipped as it left the factory. The original fabric upholstery, original aluminum wheels and the famous 3-spoke sports steering wheel. The special and rare vinyl Brittax sliding roof is a huge plus, you have the choice between driving a convertible or driving closed within a few seconds. Who will cherish this beautiful car for the rest of its classic life? Asking price €6,490

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