TVR 290 S3, 1990

Stunning 1990 TVR 290 S3 in British Racing Green. An extreme rare car, rarely do you see an S3 for sale. Combined with a beige leather interior and a black ‘Targa’ roof, this is the ultimate roadster. The TVR S3 has the 2.9 liter V6 Ford Cologne engine that delivers no less than 170 hp,which is quite a lot for a car of only 940 Kilogram. Power is transferred to the rear wheels by a 5-speed manual transmission. The technology of this TVR is in perfect order, engine and gearbox are in great condition. The engine sound of this TVR is phenomenally exciting and highly addictive! In total, only 887 copies of the TVR S3 were built, so it is understandable that it is a rare appearance at the moment. This TVR has driven only 103,000 miles from new, the car is in very good condition. The chassis has been overhauled and the car has been completely repainted. Everything is kept as original from the factory, so the correct original wheels, the original steering wheel, the correct and original leather interior. A special TVR feature is the ‘Targa’ roof with the folding rear section. The 2 separate roof panels and the surrey rear top have been completely reupholstered and can be stored in the trunk. TVR cars are built entirely by hand, so none are exactly alike. The TVR comes with a folder with maintenance invoices and history. There is also a correct kilometer registration available by car pass.


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