TVR Grantura 1800S MKIV, 1967

Epic TVR grantura MKIV 1800S. This TVR is 1 of only 78 cars built. Worldwide there are only 24 survivors known. This is the only one in the Netherlands and Belgium. What a beauty, what a line this TVR has, phenomenal. This car is truly beautiful, the paintwork is beautiful, the interior is beautiful and under the bonnet and under the car/ chassis it is all like new. Virtually impossible to find in this condition. The car has been with the same owner for the past 26 years, before that 20 years with the same owner. The previous two owners were really TVR  enthusiasts and purists. Everything is as it should be, great. This TVR is equipped with stainless steel wire wheels, made by Haan wheels. The exhaust system is stainless steel and specially made for this car, resulting in a perfect fit and soil freedom. What a pleasure to be able to drive this beautiful British sports car, who’s the one to enjoy this.

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