Westfield Sports RS Turbo

Incredible Westfield 1600 RS Turbo from 1994. This 1600 RS is quite a rarity. This magical race car is equipped with a Ford 1600 RS Turbo engine with a big turbo and  a huge dump valve to clear the turbo lag.! This is a car for man with big balls, a big boys toy with 180 BHP on only 665 Kilograms. An incredible cannonball. You will be surprised. The road handling of this car is magical, it’s like a very fast go kart.! The whistling dump valve is a great help and sounds lovely. This car is in very nice overall condition, the paintwork is neat and fresh. The technics of this car are in epic condition, it is perfectly maintained by its former owner who cherished his car. It’s has good tyres fitted and is ready for lots of fun this summer. The Westfield  has its original side screens , they are in great condition. It has a stainless steel side exhaust fitted and alloy wheels . The race bucket seats and 4 point harnesses makes it even more racy. If you drove this nice racer you fall in love and have a  smile from ear to ear, that’s for sure.! This is an absolute proper lightweight Porsche killer.! Everybody is welcome to come and check it out, seriously interested clients can join us for a testdrive.

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