Austin Healey BJ7 1963 Finishing Project

Matching numbers Austin Healey MK2A, BJ7 finishing project from 1963. The Healey BJ7 is the most sought after Austin Healey model, you have all the comforts of the later BJ8 such as windup windows, the stronger center shift gearbox and a simple folding hood frame, but the classic look of the early Healey, so the old type of dashboard and the small blinking lights at the front and rear. The quality of this Healey is again a rarity, you rarely see them of such high quality. The chassis and sheet metal have been professionally restored. Everything has been top restored to factory standards. The ice blue paintwork is phenomenal, super tight seams with beautiful, recent, top paintwork. All work on the car was carried out in the Netherlands. The car is already equipped with a new wiring harness, new brake lines, new fuel lines, new alloy fuel tank, overhauled steeringbox, overhauled shock absorbers, powder-coated suspension arms, anti-roll bar, new brake mastercylinder, new clutch mastercylinder and completely new electrics. The engine has been completely checked and has undergone an overhaul, what had to be replaced has been replaced and/or overhauled. The Centershift Overdrive gearbox has been overhauled by a Dutch Austin Healey specialist. Engine and gearbox are both in perfect condition. The interior is complete and can be upholstered by the buyer as desired. This matching numbers Healey originally had this ice blue color, even the key numbers are correct. Anyone who sees it will agree that the Healey is more beautiful than it ever left the factory.  All parts that you do not see in the photos, such as the partial front wheel suspension, rear axle, etc., come as used parts with the car and therefore only need to be cleaned, checked and mounted. An easier restoration cannot be found. The right mechanic needs a few more weeks and then he has a top Healey that can easily compete with Healeys of 85 to € 90,000 that we see for sale. Who is the handy mechanic who will be the new owner of this Austin Healey? Asking price €53,900

€ 53.900

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