CSI Ignition MGB (positive earth)

The Classic Sport Ignition originated from our passion for classic cars.
With our many years of experience in automotive electronics, we have developed the ultimate electronic ignition for your classic.
Sixteen carefully tuned curves are available for your type of car.
Choosing between the curves is very easy, you just have to open the distributor cap.
The electronics are built into a housing that cannot be distinguished from the original, your classic will keep its original look.



The Classic Sport Ignition is a fully electronic ignition built into an original housing. By replacing the mechanical advance with contact points and springs with electronics, containing 16 programmed curves, we can provide your car with the correct ignition time at any speed. Due to the additions to modern gasoline, the properties have changed drastically, so that they often no longer correspond to the old factory settings of your car. This has been taken into account in our software. This guarantees optimal combustion, allowing your engine to perform better at all speeds. The stronger spark and accurate timing make the engine easier to start and idle more smoothly. Because you can choose between different curves, you can achieve power and / or torque gains.

In addition, you no longer have any maintenance because the contact points, the mechanical advance and the possibly present vacuum mechanism have been replaced by modern electronics. There are also no more tolerances in the timing due to wear. The electronics are fully integrated in a housing that is similar to the original. With the distributor cap mounted, no difference is visible.

Artikelnummer: CSI-MG-PO-25/27


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